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Mercialys is one of the biggest real estate companies in France, and across Europe; its expertise lies in managing, transforming and revitalising shopping centres. It now wants to gather all of its 85 shopping centres together under one brand: a job for Minale Design Strategy!

Framboise was just a place to enjoy a crêpe. With Minale’s aid, it has become a positive experience, discovering, savouring and sharing crêpes in a convivial atmosphere. 

Today is yet another historic day for KATUSHA, both as a brand and as a business. The second major phase of the brand’s development has become a reality; let us introduce you to KATUSHA ready-to-wear clothing and accessories.  

Stop trying to fly; free the leopard inside!

Bringing the essence of the Aubrac into the city: this is the mission statement of the new fast food concept from Michel Bras, the 3 Star Chef from Laguiole. The Capucin - the name of a cone made with buckwheat flour - is the only product, but it is universal, it can be eaten by anyone and at any time of day: breakfast, snacks, lunch, teatime, and dinner! Capucin makes a promise to provide haute cuisine food at an affordable price. 

Today is a great day.
Today is the day that sees one of the most talented group of professional cyclists become your favourite team. Yes, of course, who else could it be but Team KATUSHA.


After revamping its proximity concept in 2013, Delhaize now launches the very first “urban” version of the format.

A new generation of Delhaize stores has put its customers at the centre of attention by offering them an environment and experience that is easy and pleasant. 


Totalgaz becomes Finagaz

How do you a strong, well known brand into somethng new, but equally strong? Minale Design Strategy has guided this change by creating a brand that has status, warmth, and longevity. 

Over a wide distribution network yet always close by, EMO is the master-butcher always there to supply the people of Luxembourg with a large of meat, charcuterie and prepared meals straight from its abbattoirs. EMO guarantees unparalleled freshness and quality to all its loyal customers. From today, this will be clearly visible through the new concept in its stores.

BASE shop, an exciting new way to discover the world of mobile technology, easing you into the mobile way of life!

Design strategy: nothing more, nothing less

Over the last 20 years, here at Minale Design Strategy we have been doing our best to make all our clients look truly unique. We call this strategic design. It makes us really proud to see the brands we have created for our clients on every street corner. We thank our clients for the confidence they have in us and we hope you may become one of them very soon.