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In 2015, Base resets its position in the mobile phone business with one single phrase; Go mobile. In order to accelerate this new nomade dynamic, it was necessary to entirely re-think the retail shops.
Minale Design Strategy helped the third Belgian mobile operator in this strategic and design process, in order to translate BASE new positioning in a strong, unique and inspiring shop experience.


  • Telecom.


  • Strategy,
  • Retail Design.


Allow customers to take center stage by creating a totally different manner of welcoming them and to partake in a new, connected adventure, that of total mobility.


Break away form the image of simply a smartphone retailer by innivating and designing the shop around 3 clearly identified experience zones, at the entrance, in the middle and at the back of the store: Repair & Go, Advice and Sales and After-Sales Services, each area is staged in order to allow a novel customer experience.

Base, concept, shop

3 zones for 3 different moments

From the entrance, promote the expertise of Repair & Go, the heart of the shop is dedicated to expert advice and sales and at the back is the after sales services.

Raw materials and an urban vernacular

Strengthen the position as price challenger bolster the dynamics of the shop in order to make it sharper and more attractive.

Wooden grid on the walls

Wooden strips along the wall act as an invitation to explore the different zones of the store and prompts customers to discover the whole range of mobile solutions.

Modularity most of all

Through a completely flexible merchaindising system, the use of a strong colour and digital commumnication, the concept may be implemented without constraints to a variety of spaces ensuring a consistent and powerful identity.