G la Galerie

Standing out in the crowd.

Mercialys is a key player in shopping centre management in France, it manages a network of 88 human-scaled shopping centers situated near medium sized cities. Mercialys has asked Minale Design Strategy to create a system that will make these centres more visible, easier to navigate and generally more attractive to a customer that is being constantly bombarded by too many similar products and offers.


  • Shopping Centres.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


Create a new brand and identity system that radically repositions these shopping centres and identify them as part of a family of smaller shopping centres where customers can orientate themselves simply and easily, find the shops and services they are looking for in a relaxing atmosphere.


Success comes from keeping things simple and getting rid of any extraneous elements that get in the way of this experience. A simple approach for the brand and the use of one strong colour makes these centres easy to recognise and navigate. The results are just as simple and clear, growth of 2% in a market that has dropped by 1%, G la Galerie has been able to increase its market share.

Two objectives; be noticed and attract

A single brand makes this an easy concept to adopt to all venues and the single, red colour, deriving from Casino's corporate colour, makes these centres visible in every environment.