A taste of independence

Chocolaterie Galler, renowned for producing irresistible filled chocolate bars since 1976, has set us a brand new challenge for 2020: Finding meaning in flavour.


  • Food & Drink.


  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design,
  • Strategy,
  • Packaging.
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To support and develop the positioning and philosophy of the Galler brand through a new identity that promotes meaning, values and optimism.


We believe we can make the world better, one bar of chocolate at a time. By fostering happiness at every level, from grower, to producer to consumer. Building the image of an independent, open, playful, diverse and democratic chocolate producer. Capitalising on Galler's roots as a proud Liège brand, we have emphasised the uniqueness of its roots through a new visual identity.

Independent chocolate producer since 1976

Neither an anonymous international group, nor an omnipotent, celebrity chocolate maker, Galler is proud to represent a group of artisans and workers: a true chocolaterie.
Never one to jump on the bandwagon, the brand dictates its own conduct - Galler is independent. And it is this independence that is the key to its freedom.

When orange is NOT the new black...

Branding is not just about creating; it's also about identifying and developing the existing strengths of a brand. Here, this applies to orange, a strong colour long associated with Galler, that has been retained and modernised. The visual identity features an exploded G, a symbol of explosive joy. Black has been replaced by white for a more fresh and open appeal.

The Galler constitution

Any independent state needs its own constitution, its fundamental laws.
And Galler has embraced the concept by drafting its own constitution, based on a single unifying goal: to provide, in complete independence, affordable chocolate for all, produced with respect for people and their freedom.

Finding happiness in balance

Galler is a brand built on contrasts. Contrasts from which it derives its sense of balance, its richness, and its diversity. With this in mind, Galler produces high-quality filled chocolate bars popular for both special occasions and everyday life. Why should we have to choose? Yes, you can be tasty AND healthy, crunchy AND creamy, official supplier to the Belgian Court AND to rapper Roméo Elvis.

"It was clear that having Minale Design Strategy on board was the right choice for us from the word go. They understood the challenges we face, as well as our new business plan, while respecting our history. Together, we have managed to breathe new life into our brand strategy and positioning, while fulfilling our ambition to find meaning in flavour. "

Valérie Stefenatto - Marketing & Communication Director Galler