Art-house cinema gets real.

A new place where you can share, unwind, slow down, KLUB is a completely new kind of cultural "Art & Essai" destination. When cinema leader Kinepolis decides to launch a new Art & Essai concept, the lights dim to reveal a new star: KLUB.


  • Entertainment.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


KLUB claims — rightfully so — being a new format for the Kinepolis Group, far from the blockbusters industry, a place close at heart for true cinema lovers, whether before, during and after their favourite film.


Far more than just another movie theatre, KLUB is a cosy & welcoming place, nested in the city, where it makes the most sense if sharing is KLUB’s ultimate purpose. That’s what makes it so different from any other initiative, what makes it so much more contemporary. Minale Design Strategy’s experience is turning KLUB into “the” new urban cultural place.

Dynamic branding

The Graphic Identity is almost a star itself! With its dynamic branding, inspired by iconic black & white 50's typographies, where icons light the words. An easily recognizable system fully dedicated to showing the events and the currently playing movies.


At KLUB, the climax is reached straight at the entrance. The movie’s main character is the very creative ground floor area with its great snack bar and seating area, the exhibition area and a connected wall for true cinema lovers.

Story archi board

As for the atmosphere, Minale Design Strategy has hand-picked iconic furniture, with great materials and easily understood contemporary codes: wood, cosy sofas for an intimate atmosphere. The long table is inviting and meant for sharing, while the stools happily greet the bar-goers.

Let's have a drink

The drinks and food casting is enthusing, facing the ticket desk, itself right next to the bar. Something almost reminiscent of a duel from the best westerns, where the saloon is more than comfortable to offer a relaxing moment.

This ultimate casting (position, strategy, identity, name, concept and architecture) is the signature of Kinepolis’ latest productions. Based on a true story, produced by Minale Design Strategy, KLUB could soon be coming to a theatre near you!