Re-create entertainement trough technology.

The Twinscorp company has developed a new stand-up paddleboarding concept based on a completely innovative material derived from nanotechnology. At the heart of this exciting invention is a technique and an aesthetic specific to the brand, a valuable asset in the world of water sports.

LOEVA is the first ever transparent board that lets users explore the seabed thanks to an LED lamp that lights up the seabed and an on-board computer connected to the paddle


  • Entertainment.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design.


Turning Loeva into a luxury brand whose products people crave. To achieve this, we needed to take into account several criteria to develop the perfect positioning.
First, we tell a story (you don't buy a product for what it is but for what it represents, its raison d'être), then we focus on the brand's attributes (high-tech/lifestyle/luxury) before finally developing a strong, unique & coherent brand message across all advertising media.


Creating a graphic identity that aligns with the brand's innovation, generating the idea of a premium luxury that blends emotion and technology in a powerful and creative way.

Positioning a disruptive brand

The brand platform and its "lifestyle - technology - exclusivity" value system resulted in the creation of a base line: Re-Create, expressing this new take on a leisure experience thanks to technology and innovation.


Creating a graphic identity

Minale Design Strategy plays on the idea of transparency, offering a glimpse of the product itself through the clean, oval shape of the board, giving way to a universe of magical dreams and exploration. Use of an interesting element in the logo, the "E" to develop the idea of balance and connection between emotion and technology. The entire graphic identity has been designed to visually express the brand's values: premium luxury, ethical, minimalist.