A hub in the heart of the city.

MGEN has developed shared spaces located on the outskirts of cities throughout France. The aim of these hubs is to welcome policyholders and give them somewhere to carry out their administrative tasks, as well as offering products and services for all.


  • Healthcare.


  • Strategy,
  • Retail Design.


To further boost loyalty among longstanding customers from the Education Nationale AND to attract new clients, MGEN has decided to invest in the heart of towns and urban centres. The challenge revolves around three objectives: to be seen, to be understood and to be attractive.
Another important challenge involves building a sense of pride among advisers, and offering them a rewarding work environment, filled with positive energy and motivation.


Making a distinction between different customer journeys based on the reason(s) for their visit, redefining the role of each adviser to improve the perception of the service provided, and saying goodbye to traditional offices in favour of mobile teams that meet and mingle with visitors.

Minale Design Strategy has reinterpreted the customer journey through the layout of spaces - a physical interpretation of the brand strategy.

A new take on the customer journey

In a co-working approach that involved various players from MGEN, led by consultants from Minale Design Strategy, the new tools and spaces have been developed in a collaborative process.

Human digitisation

Digital customer orientation tools, a waiting area with refreshments and books, a children's area, connected rooms, a self-service area for administrative needs and, finally, lockers to offer simple and practical storage of everyone's tools.

A space with an identity

Using a strategy that fits with the values of MGEN, from the colour green to wood, plants and a phygital approach, we have come up with a new, clear and pleasant space for the MGEN community.