Opening new horizons.

In 2020, Sabena Aerospace, with the support of the SFPIM, decided to set up a new Belgian-based Group aimed at creating a unique and unprecedented network in the aerospace industry by consolidating Belgian industrial assets.The acquisition of SABCA gave birth to Blueberry. Today, the development of MRO activities, the integration of Lufthansa Technik, and a focused strategic enabler approach, has prompted Blueberry to rethink its brand strategy and identity.


  • Industry,
  • Transport.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design.


We were tasked with creating a meaningful name, representing a future vision for the sector, expressing the Group's ambitious vision through a new visual and brand identity, capable of leading the business plan over time. Assessing and optimising current and future brand architecture.


This Group is embodied by a name: ORIZIO. The name evokes the idea of a horizon, that imaginary line where the sky meets the earth. ORIZIO symbolises a future vision, a long-term goal. It reflects openness to new opportunities. The brand translates into a logo, representing the notion of an aerospace network, of community and collaboration, of movement and growth. The Group is now ready to redesign the future of the Belgian aerospace sector.