Renewing recycling.

A difficult context often leads to an analysis of the brand. Why? Because it is a question of survival. This was the case for the "Intercommunale pour la destruction de déchets et immondices de Charleroi - ICDI".


  • Public Services.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design.
Tibi, gestion déchets, Charleroi, logo, branding


Due to business trends over the last 10 years, the ICDI has been wholly restructured, moving from services to business trades. Today, it is recognised in Belgium and even across Europe for its high-quality services and viewed as a key stakeholder in cleaning services and waste management. This expertise brought about a desire to rename the company amongst general management members. This view was not shared by other members of the staff team who believed that the company could successfully build a strong brand image through media attention. To reconcile these 2 opposing views for the best way forward, our unique Design Thinking methodology was adopted, guaranteeing a solution which would benefit the company long-term.


Following meetings with all relevant persons (staff members, managers, committed opinion leaders) and an analysis of the replies gathered, we recommended instilling a dynamic which would broaden the horizons of the ICDI’s historic mission. We want to build upon what we have achieved to-date, creating a successful brand which our customers can rely on every single day.

Life quality partner

Promoting a better quality of life. The brand’s market position has brought it closer to its customers. It only takes one name to generate collective awareness: Tibi. Tibi: the Latin word for “you”.

Renewing Charleroi

Sometimes the trends can help. At one side, we get Charleroi, a city that goes on with strong personnality, new commercial and cultural dimension. On the other side, that green effect our planet needs. Sustainability, zero waste experience and recycling. Our collaborative goal with the client : reinsure Charleroi citizens and giving a vision for the future.

Secured well-being process

After having run in-depth interviews and workshops, we developed a comprehensive strategy, that, once approved served as the basis for creative executions, refined in co-creation workshops involving a very large personnel base. A streamlined proccess, a secured well-being, the best balance between quality and cost, and last but not least, an efficient innovation. All together, they will send us to the road to excellency, for a quality public service.

Tibi, gestion déchets, Charleroi

Mix to message

Keep the mission positive, making sure the values chain is stable and will continue to be healthy. This can be made thanks to a strategis design. Iconography, typography, colours. The best mix to serve the message.

Living values

Becoming a brand was an essential choice to make. Now, Tibi brings to life some deep values that were part of ICDI. Tibi is made for you, for your future. Tibi means you in latin. Using classical words to ensure our future. We call it Design Strategy.