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We are Minale Design Strategy : a nice squad of bold, curious, disruptive thinkers & designers dedicated to brand and retail design.

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We are the founders of design thinking.

For more than 20 years, we have been shaping and growing brands,
with a realistic yet inspirational blend of robust methodologies,
deep client business understanding and relentless creative drive.

Our latest projects

The world's largest retailer
looks at the smallest details

Be Burger

Taking burgers
to new heights


cycling, clothing

Australian Ice Cream

From "Ice to have" to "burning desire"
for the coolest ice-cream!

Promenade Sainte-Catherine

life inside


Staying the country's
local grocer


Counterintuitive: from mass production
to quality high end retailing




Communication starts
with openess

We love to travel

We love
to love

Cloche d'or

Making the name
ring a bell

Be patient, our brand new website is coming soon.