Respect for the product.

Creating a new concept is always a nice idea. But, when it comes to reality, focus on design strategy is the key to success. Colruyt, as Belgiums's most succesful retailer, wanted to create a new way concept in food retailing. They asked us to help them, and together we invented CRU.


  • Supermarkets.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


To dream up a new way to bring together a range of exceptional products, creating a new way to shop in an entirely new type of environment... so many new ideas in one single project.


Simplicity... simplicity in the name, in the brand, in the merchandising, in the store layout, simplicity in the entire customer experience.

Brand identity

Each product at CRU has been selected based on criteria of values, quality and engagement. The name and brand had to convey these in the most direct manner without creating a barrier of over-branding.

The product is the star

The product is the true star at CRU. Everything is done to present the product in the best and most natural manner. Produce is placed at the entrance, closest to the loading dock and is presented in its shipping crates, the butcher counter is set in front of glass doored refrigeration untis, the bakery is open to the work space... eveything is done in order to wake the senses to the quality of the products.

A complete experience

The customer shops the different departments and scans the products on a digital pad opbtained at the entrance. The centre of the store is the gourmet zone and is staffed by personnel who are knowledgable and can give expert advice. The digital self-checkout is seamless and quick. All confer to make the customer experience unforgetable and develop customer loyalty.