Ready for Dubaï 2020.

Talking about ambitions, we had to become… ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company). That means a lot : standing from retail centric with gas to gas centric with services, from a national champion to a global player, becoming a digital player and a reference for convenience. To achieve this goal, we needed to generate traffic, sales, boost development. But also, creating a high visual impact, an emotional bond and offering a frictionless customer experience. Nothing less, nothing more !


  • Energy.


  • Strategy,
  • Retail Design.


The initial briefing was divided into 5 steps:

1: improving visibility, readability, impact and consistency.

2: Making the look & feel inovative, impactful.

3: simplify, organise and design various level of communication.

4: Improving access, traffic and site organization.

5: Reinventing customer experience.


Strategic positioning and design languages were our tools. The new position of ENOC was strictly clear, divided in 3 main components : promise – personality and tone of voice. While the promise was based on becoming everyday partner on the road, standing as a lighthouse in the desert and enabling each customer to live a truly mobile life, the personality turns into a sportive, masculine and nomad image. To bring those to life, a fun, dynamic, connected and solution oriented tone of voice was applied.

Dubaï 2020

We had to prepare ENOC to be ready for Dubaï 2020. The challenges were huge but precises. That’s what makes us so proud of this project.
From symbolizing changes into something modern and beautiful, to express proximity and convenience, and last but not least, express Dubai.
We worked on values such as : emotion, friendliness, young image, trust, sustainability, reliability, innovation and service minded.

Client experience

To express in a right way the client experience, we had to work on layout and organization. The first objective of the new project was to recognize the sites, to improve traffic conditions and generate a more appealing retail offer and services. Design language helped us to find the qualitied of the new ENOC station, translating them into the physical world. Than, the station itself evoluates without loosing the design intent, and transmitting in it’s very move to the new DNA : Mobility Enabler.