Life, Science.

IBA, world leader in proton therapy, is reaffirming its leadership with a powerful repositioning and new visual identity. Now more than ever, IBA is proud to capitalise on its 35 years of accumulated experience in the field of medical technologies to achieve its goal, a mission that has never wavered: to work hand in hand with its partners to eliminate cancer.


  • Industry,
  • Healthcare.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design,
  • Brand Architecture.


Our mission was to redefine IBA's promise and overall identity to move beyond a status of expert in cyclotron design, to that of a prominent partner in the fight against cancer. The challenge was translating this promise into a more emotional visual identity to make IBA a more "human" brand, while continuing to capitalise on its technological leadership.


Any rebranding always begins with some reflection on the current identity. We have therefore redefined IBA's positioning based around a powerful promise: "Life, Science.". A promise that draws inspiration from the company's scientific roots as well as its profoundly human purpose. This guiding idea was then reinforced by a storytelling approach and a more assertive and ambitious tone of voice, as well as by a brand architecture built around two pillars: community and technology. All of this strategic work served as the basis for developing a more modern, human and inspiring visual identity, which was also inspired by this delicate balance between science and life.

« Life, Science. » as a central theme

« Life, Science. », IBA's the new signature, is the result of a long collaborative effort. It is a brand promise that reflects both the company's scientific roots and its human-focused approach. From colours to typography and shapes, the entire graphic system of the new IBA is inspired by the « Life, Science. » promise.

Community & Technology: Campus & Proteus

IBA's brand architecture is based on two key pillars: community and technology. To accomplish its "community" pillar, IBA has created Campus, an interdisciplinary hub for all professionals involved or interested in proton therapy. The technological pillar is represented by the iconic technology developed by IBA: Proteus.