Maison Colom

Maison Colom hacks Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.

Maison Colom, the exclusive Parisian supplier of quality fruit & vegetables to top restaurants and palaces has set up shop in the heart of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. A new space designed by Minale Design Strategy


  • Supermarkets,
  • Food & Drink.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


In a confined space, how to display the range of exceptional produce from "Maison Colom" in a manner that invites customers to discover the world of the absolute finest in fruit and vegetables and savour all the colours and the dazzling taste of nature.


Fruit and vegetables are displayed as if they were a luxury product, the space is organised like a market where quality is elevated to the extraordinary. For this, we chose to work with the finest artisan baket weavers at "Vanneries de Villaines", distinguished by the label "Meilleurs ouvriers de France", to develop custom fixtures. The effect is that of an authentique setting for these exceptional products.


The natural beige of the baskets is highlited by a deep black. Leather and wicker work together in perfect harmony. The leather handles act as a support for sigange. The result is simple and elegant, in perfect accord with the image of Maison Colomb and of Galeries Lafayette Gourmet.