Zero waste, zero problems, zero excuses.

A reusable bottle, a refillable dispenser and a range of quality products... these are the weapons brandished by SuperZero in the fight against single-use plastic. This innovative brand supports consumers on a quest to change their habits by offering them a zero waste solution that is super simple and effective. That's right… now there are no more excuses!


  • Specialised Retail.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Packaging.


The challenge was to take this budding Brussels startup to the next level by helping it reach a wider audience. To convince consumers to change their habits and switch to a zero waste lifestyle, we needed to create a more engaging and attractive brand, a brand that tells a story, a brand that inspires people to take the plunge…


Above all, we wanted to open up a dialogue with customers by putting them back at the heart of the concept. It was time for the Eco-tap brand to change identity, and has transformed into “SuperZero”. As well as a reference to zero waste, it's an invitation for us all to become an everyday superhero. It comes with a strong, heroic and compelling identity, and a slightly quirky and upbeat tone for environmentally friendly and super-efficient products. This is all is conveyed through a bold and powerful message: zero waste, zero problems, zero excuses.