Tom & Co

We love pet lovers.

Science has proven time and time again a happy pet makes his pet parents happier. And for us, there is no doubt about that. That's precisely why we, at Minale Design Strategy, are happy to write Tom&Co's story. We're happy to make it happen with fun, a pinch of creativity, and, yes, iconic changes : an amazing, new store solely dedicated to pets, and their families.


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Tom&Co, branding, logo, design, store concept


Fortunately, as with most projects, budgets help harness creativity. Minale Design Strategy's latest update of Tom&Co's network was hardly 6 years old: our challenge was therefor to maintain Tom&Co's profitability, and still allow rapid roll-out through the whole franchise network, including France.


The updates focussed on key customer experience building blocks: store legibility and navigation (through clear directions, signage), creating a much more natural atmosphere (through the use of natural materials) and turning the shop into an experiential place to live, walk through, enjoy and discover.

Where nature & garden meet cosy homes

These objectives were met by stepping away from traditional supermarket approaches. Pet groups (cats, dogs, fish, etc) are served in specific, clearly identified areas. Pet-group specific products are show-cased on highlighted aisle end-caps. Even areas such as the check-out queue have been designed as value-adding areas, through the presence of impulse type products.

Pet-focused services

In the face of fierce online competition Tom&Co has understood value-adding services will make a difference to discerning customers. It has been Minale Design Strategy's job and pride to turn this understanding into reality, into an experience no customer can forget. Tom&Beauty, DogWash and Tom&Care are all located within the store to ensure the full experience is completely seamless. In the store's centre, a huge table helps pet parents attend workshops and share knowledge, tips & tricks. Alternatively, they can just grab a coffee, whilst enjoying their shopping experience.

Tom&Co, branding, logo, design, store concept

Into the urban woods

Combined to Tom&Co's very natural (and updated) green and orange, lime wood, steel and cardboard all contribute to this "between home and garden" atmosphere.


A long wooden table located in the middle of our shop creates a welcoming, communal atmosphere. Customers can sit by the table and talk to staff members for pet-related advice. It can also be used for workshops and product demonstrations. In everythin we did, we wanted to offer a unique and personalised service to each and every customer. That's what Design Thinking is all about. Creating warm, positive, enjoyable shopping experiences.