Tom & Co

We love pet lovers.

Science has proven time and time again a happy pet makes his pet parents happier. And for us, there is no doubt about that. That's precisely why we, at Minale Design Strategy, are happy to write Tom&Co's story. We're happy to make it happen with fun, a pinch of creativity, and, yes, iconic changes : an amazing, new store solely dedicated to pets, and their families.


  • Specialised Retail.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design,
  • Packaging.


To manage and maintain the profitability of the project without affecting the development of the concept, adapting this to fit a network of franchise stores as well as the French market. All of which to be rolled out in a familiar environment as Tom & Co’s last restructuring operation was carried out by Minale Design Strategy just 6 years ago.


To ensure a smooth client experience anywhere in the store. To ensure store legibility with directions and signage. To create a natural atmosphere through the use of natural materials. Turning the shop into an experiential place to live, walk through, enjoy and discover.

Animal Happiness

In 2014, Tom & Co was still part of the Delhaize supermarket chain. At the time, we worked to improve the customer experience in close collaboration with Lionel Desclée. Since then, Tom & Co’s visual identity has been redesigned around a warm and friendly typographic design and a restyled logo that values and understands the unique bond between the owner, his pet and the brand. Stores now ooze a welcoming and happy feel, built around displays in simple and rough and ready materials and inspired by pets. With a colourful and fun store design and a play on words sales approach, we put our animal friends at the forefront of what we do.

Where nature & garden meet cosy homes

Stepping away from a supermarket structure logic and creating specific product categories intended for specific pet types. Turning the checkout queue into a money spinner, livening up the sales floor space and showcasing the product range with adapted end aisle displays.

Pet-focused services

The key focus is to optimise and deliver the best possible customer service in the face of the competition from online retailers. A need which Tom & Co clearly cottoned on to and which was successfully implemented by Minale Design Strategy. A new place for new services, with one thing in mind: taking good care of pets with Tom&Beauty, DogWash and Tom&Care. These new departments are situated inside the store, ensuring a seamless experience. In the store's centre, a huge table helps pet parents attend workshops, share experiences. Alternatively, they can just grab a coffee, whilst enjoying their shopping experience.

Into the urban woods

Lime wood, steel, cardboard all contribute to this atmosphere of "between home and garden". Natural colours were also an obvious choice. Green and orange, Tom&Co's first colours have been updated to better reflect the store's modern positioning.


A long wooden table located in the middle of our shop creates a welcoming, communal atmosphere. Customers can sit down by the table and speak to one of our staff members for pet-related advice. The same location is also used for workshops and product demonstrations from various brands. Our key objective is to offer a unique and personalised service to each and every customer, understanding their needs. The desk located in the centre of our store is designed to ensure a positive, welcoming experience for all customers.