Tom&Co - Barouf

Incredible tasty, pets go crazy

A new brand ready to get tongues wagging in the dog and cat community, with a taste that will drive them crazy!


  • Food & Drink.


  • Packaging,
  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Digital.


The brief was to create a new and exclusive pet food brand for Tom & Co that reflects humanity's unconditional love for their pets, with one major priority: flavour! To do this we needed to come up with a gourmet brand that pets will go mad for...


Just like us, our pets need to go a little crazy now and again. So we decided to create BAROUF, a brand that revolves around flavour, flavour, and more flavour. There's a whole range of incredible recipes including dry food, terrines and treats that are sure to get them licking their lips. BAROUF has everything you need to make your dogs and cats crazy with delight. We focused on strengthening the brand's foundations by defining its positioning, its values and its message. This work will serve as the basis for all the graphic design aspects of the range, its language, tone and more. And this is just the beginning!

Barouf mania!

So good it drives pets crazy? That's right, and the madness has already spread to numerous dog and cat fans, ready to do anything for a little bowlful of happiness. Check out the incredible adventures of our favourite Barouf fans - because they're spreading the word and their community is sure to grow!