UWE and CCI switch to AKT

The Union Wallonne des Entreprises and the five Walloon Chambers of Commerce and Industry have decided to join forces to form a strong and dynamic community, dedicated to businesses across the Wallonia region. They will capitalise on the UWE's regional scope and combine it with the local roots of the CCIs to provide an established, representative and resolute entrepreneurial voice, aimed at driving forward a more prosperous and sustainable future for the Wallonia region.


  • Services,
  • Consulting,
  • Non Profit.


  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Digital,
  • Strategy.


To create a brand that symbolises this shared endeavour, embodying a robust and effective vision while maintaining the distinct identities of the five entities across their local or regional areas of influence.


The UWE and the five CCIs are joining forces under the name AKT. More than just a name, this new identity reflects an unwavering commitment: the determination to embark on a collective journey towards a prosperous and sustainable society.

When a name and identity become one

The alliance is based on a steadfast commitment: to act together rather than in isolation, by creating a dedicated community ready to take action and instigate change. This resolute commitment needs to be reflected in a name that is both straightforward and meaningful. Enter AKT - a concise yet impactful name that resonates with meaning and dedication. The central K gives it a real personality, transforming this verb into a noun. Its graphic representation, a symbol of openness and radiance, gives it a distinct identity, elevating the name to a brand. Unified in their purpose, the logotype, characterised by a blend of lowercase and uppercase fonts, and the use of a recognisable colour, gives the brand a distinct personality that effectively conveys the core tenets of the alliance's identity: inclusivity, unity and action.

Grounded in the principles of its identity


Diverse and complementary entrepreneurial voices are the alliance's greatest asset. AKTion's true power lies in its ability to listen to and unite these diverse realities, to provide an established, representative and resolute entrepreneurial voice and make sure it is heard.


AKT is focused on consolidating its strengths rather than scattering its energies. Together, AKT forms a dedicated community, united by a shared passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to see businesses grow in a prosperous, sustainable region.


To aspire is to achieve! AKT believes in Wallonia's ability to become a hub of inspiration, a laboratory of innovative solutions, and a beacon of hope for Europe and beyond.

The power of local brands

The brand architecture has been meticulously crafted to prioritise the visibility and legibility of the CCIs as part of a unified branding approach, characterised by a powerful image built around the AKT name. The standardisation of the system reflects a commitment to building a community that prioritises both content and style, thereby enhancing the impact of local and regional initiatives.

"AKT is a bold and uncompromising brand that reflects the essence and purpose of the alliance between the UWE and CCIs," explains Gwenaël Hanquet, CEO of Minale Design Strategy. AKT represents a project built on the one thing that brings people together: action. Stripped of any unnecessary elements, the identity is positive and bold. It is full of meaning, conveying the true essence of the alliance: working together for a prosperous, sustainable society."