A Clear Hospital Commitment.

How can a healthcare group make its mark, build a future, and really stand out from the crowd? When you’re dealing in treatment, healing and support, skill and technique are not always enough. You need something more. You need to establish a reputation as a full-on brand.


  • Healthcare.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design.


Changing identity and building a brand architecture based on strategic design. Promoting a set of values shared by everyone at CHC. Developing a fully-formed brand and transcribing these values into a powerful and lasting identity.


CHC becomes the CHC Healthcare Group (Groupe Santé CHC), bringing together four clinics, six medical centres, eight residences, a psychiatric care home and a crèche, all in the Liège region. It also supports partner structures and projects. The new identity system focuses on the name CHC and its new identity based on the notion of kindness and caring, around which the entity and its location are built.

More than a logo, an emblem

The two Cs in mirror image around the central H are designed to symbolise protection and support, and give the logo the feeling of an emblem without affecting its readability and recognition.

A new identity: becoming a Healthcare Group

The new identity is a sign of recognition and a translation of the new strategic brand vision that will allow the company to acquire a unique status in a highly competitive market. To meet current requirements and modernise the CHC brand, it is important to achieve a status that goes beyond the medical field, to become a Healthcare Group.

At the centre, the horizontal line across the H smiles to symbolise kindness and caring, expressing the human element that is the primary focus of the CHC Healthcare Group. The combination of the different graphics in the logo inspires protection, an optimistic, gentle approach that is essential in healthcare activities. As well as these different components, the logo has the overall effect of an emblem, one that's recognisable at first glance thanks to its unusual shape, in a nod to the infinity symbol.

A brand architecture

The CHC Healthcare Group offers a brand architecture that structures all the different entities around the CHC name and brand. The aim is to build a strong and powerful brand that comes through in all customer interactions.