Cloche d'Or

Making the name ring a bell.

Cloche d'Or is an 80 ha mixed-use development (residential, leasure, commercial, corprate) located just outside of the city of Luxembourg. The new development was conceived as an urban neighborhood and an extension of the cosmopolitan city. At the heart of the district is an area for living, meeting and sharing combining shops, restaurants, relaxation zones and services. Minale Design Strategy was put in charge of developping the strategic positioning and creating the name, identity and interior design of Cloche d'Or.


  • Shopping Centres.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.

Architecture and interior architecture  :  
Fabeck Architectes + Schemel Wirtz Architectes Associates


Taking into consideration the element of time for this project that took 5 years to see the day. Ancticipating the needs of the public is essential to the creative process for the project to remain pretinent well into the future. A challenge successfuly met by applying our unique methodology of design strategy.


Through our methodology we were abel to identify the 3 major ideas that would help us organise the space, the Shopping Centre, the zones for living and relaxing, and the areas for meeting and exchange... Shop, Live, Share. The history of the site became the point of departure and the solution is a perfect balance of the traditional with the contemporary. Stabel grounding on which to build the entire concept.

A dynamic identity

Symbolizing the diversity of a living space and the quality of the contemporary environment. The graphic system is more than a logo, it includes a typeface, designed specifically for Cloche d'Or and a modular graphic system allowing multiple combinations that reflect the different dimensions of Cloche d'Or.

A cosmopolitan destination

Becoming a meeting point and mixing locals with the international population, Cloche d'Or is the interface between Luxembourg and the world. A mirror image of a new and dynamic Luxembourg. The graphic system allows a playful interaction of typography, linges, textures and contrasts.

A global / central tone of voice

Exuding confidence, modernity, reassurance. The international character of the project is a reflection of the vibrant dimensions and the mix of languages overheard in Luxembourg. Just the right tone of voice, with a variety of nuances that does not interfere with the branding of the premium retailers in the shopping centre.

A food Hall

More than 20 restaurants in a space of nearly 3000 m2, this is a unique culinary experience in Europe. The food hall, flooded with natural light and offering a stunning view of the district incorporates premium restaurants on the upper level of Cloche d'Or. A warm and cozy atmosphere, a dreamlike cloud hanging from the ceiling invites customers to realx and linger. Materials are contemporary, making use of bamboo flooring, molded plaster and brass. This zone is central to the brand concept of Cloche d'Or, a trafic builder that has been entirely conceived by Minale Design Strategy.

A customer Experience

More than a shopping centre, Cloche d'Or wants to offer a space for living where customers can come to discover and be inspired in a welcoming atmosphere. Besides, Cloche d'Or seeks to provide the heart of the neighborhood of the same name by providing areas for relaxation, leasure and an array of services (valet, concierge services...).

A special signage design

The signage system allows retailers to freely express their brands while wayfinding is simple and effective. Suspended panels, totems, digital directories, all designed for maximum visibility.

Architecture and interior architecture  :  
Fabeck Architectes + Schemel Wirtz Architectes Associates