Fresh Atelier Delhaize

Feeding the food retail revolution.

Delhaize, becomes the first retailer to address the latest consumer trend of having meals in a more fragmented, unstructured manner throughout the day with a clear strategy of differenciation.


  • Supermarkets.


  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design,
  • Strategy.
Fresh Atelier Delhaize


Create a new experience by developping a totally different format with a powerful and coherent identity. Abandonding the classical supermarket language in order to resonate with the Delhaize promise of standing by real life. Accompany Delhaize in its relations with its customers.


Reintroducing the notion of proximity by integrating the urban space. Invent a new place for shopping where variety and on-the-go products can co-exist in a seamles manner, a friendly and authentic tone of voice that represent the true values of Delhaize. A totally new design for the space, the services and the brand. For the first time, the customer experienceis plays the leading role: Welcome to "Fresh Atelier".

Fresh Atelier


Beyond the ultra fresh, on-the-go offer, these neighborhood customers have access to the enitre range of Delhaize products with a dedicated Pickup Point. An entirely new way to shop and pick up locally. The accent remains on healthy eating for healthy living.

Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven…

An innovative concept

Fresh Atelier has the possibility of being integrated into a supermarket, such as the new Nivelles or a stand-alone store. It is designed to meet customer's needs morning, noon and night with a range of fresh food, prepared and heated on-site.

Our concept "Fresh Atelier" won the Mercure Award from Comeos. 
We are proud to have created the "store concept of the year 2019", in collaboration with Delhaize.