A discount store with a conscience.

The Casino Group recently sold its Leader Price retail network to Aldi, while retaining ownership of the brand. The teams then began to think about a truly disruptive concept that would make it stand out in the world of supermarket retail. Their strategy focused on one important mission: "giving people back the power to buy", translated into a new budget brand. And so LP was born!


  • Supermarkets.


  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


The idea began with an observation: budget supermarkets in France have slowly evolved into "soft discount" stores, with brands in the segment moving towards more a qualitative approach. Leader Price's ambition is to get back to basics: a simple, universal, transparent, efficient and responsible discount concept for the producer as well as the consumer and retailer. It must put the power back in consumers hands.


The concept targets people's motivations rather than their socio-professional category: customers “compelled to frugality”, those “committed to frugality” (those looking to combat overconsumption by buying better) and those “disengaged from consumerism” (seeking a simpler lifestyle). A clear and powerful shop front. An efficient customer journey that starts with a promotional area, continues with large items and ends with fresh produce. A solution that empowers customers and staff. A concept with a cause... as well as a conscience.

A break from the past that doesn't forget its roots

The decision was made to keep the initials of Leader Price in the brand. LP, for Leader Price, but also for Le Pouvoir - the power put back into consumers' hands. The brand is cleaner and simpler for a stronger impact, with bold colours reinforcing its visibility. The diamond has been retained, while the brand's design has been optimised to translate the ideas behind the concept: a stripped back, frugal feel, in line with the overriding mission of the brand.

Strong commitments

The concept is based on four strong commitments that are expressed in the car park and the sales outlet:

- The power to manage your budget to allow customers to shop well

- The power to understand prices so that customers understand what they are paying

- The power to do better with less, to show the customer how much you can do with the basics

- The power to act, to encourage customers to participate in the evolution of the sales outlet and its products.

A new way to shop

These commitments, presented on four aisle-end displays, are reflected in the customer journey through concrete actions and tools: scanning handsets and self-checkout, communication that explains the calculation of prices, etc.

Deals of the moment

Placed at the start of the journey, this area highlights current promotions and deals. LP's aim is to cover all customer needs through a smaller, more select range of approximately 2,000 own-brand products.