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nrg is taking a huge step towards energy transition. The brand, which belongs to Greece's leading petroleum company, Motorol Oil Hellas, is adopting a new identity... electric! Its mission is clear: to establish itself as a leading player in green energy.


  • Energy.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design,
  • Brand Architecture.


The challenge was to transform nrg - an electricity and natural gas supplier - and position it as a strong and recognisable brand, a leader in green energy. Our mission was to support the company's metamorphosis and establish it as a dedicated service provider offering integrated energy services to the Greek people to meet their every need. We were tasked with creating a brand architecture for its various products, including electric terminals.


After supporting the company with its repositioning and transformation, we developed a brand new visual identity based on the brand's emblem. To maximise nrg's visibility in an ultra-competitive environment, we incorporated several new colours, fresh and powerful hues to portray the link with the green energy sector. As well as this fundamental work, we also created a new sub-brand "incharge nrg", representing the parent brand in the e-mobility sector. nrg now has everything it needs to fulfil its ambition of becoming the symbol of green energy in Greece.

A 360° service approach

With nrg, Motor Oil Hellas is establishing itself as a leader with a comprehensive service offering in the energy field.

"In charge", a benchmark brand for the Greeks

E-mobility is now armed with the "In charge" brand endorsed by nrg. A new partner for everyday life!