Taking Stock. The Choc Tactics of O'Tacos.

O'Tacos is a strange, intriguing invention. The hybridisation of an original product mix. And an answer to a simple need for food, a lot of food, reasonably priced. More than 40.000 different combinations all share one thing: the unique cheese sauce. And since O'Tacos are available in suburbs rather than city centres, they have become beacons, meeting points, places to hang out.


  • Food & Drink.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.
Tibi, gestion déchets, Charleroi, logo, branding
Tibi, gestion déchets, Charleroi, logo, branding


The challenge here is to stay true to the initial project's roots whilst still allowing it to grow. To achieve this, sticking to the concept's initial community feel was essential, whilst building a structure capable of harnessing the group's incredible growth. Our mission is to accompany this brand's international development, help it grow inside city centres, maintaining its leadership and legitimacy as the creator of the Original French Tacos.


Design thinking helped us draft up a strategy built on a completely rewritten customer journey. From order intake to pick up, delivering a faster experience to a whole new digital natives generation of consumers. We're proud to be part of this street-food revolution.

Look & Feel

The look & feel needed to be more personal, with more identity and character, varying rythms, returning to a more sincere experience through a much tighter use of design codes and revisited materials. At the heart of this soul searching exercise a much simplified logo.

O sucré

Having completely reconsidered the brand architecture, we felt it was time to leverage the dessert assortment by creating a range of sweet O'tacos for an innovation-hungry customer base.