Ice cream with a noble lineage.

Senoble has been producing dairy products under their own brand and for different retailers since 1921. The new generaiton of this family-owned business has decided to re-orientate the business and develop a concept for an exclusive ice cream retailer.


  • Food & Drink.


  • Retail Design.


From industry to high-end retailer is a big step, Minale Design Srategy was asked to develop a brand and a shop in keeping with the ambitions. Our retail expertise was a necessary plus which enabled us to steer the project towards a viable solution.


The classic approach to the visual identity lends credibility to the fact that the company exists since 1921. The strapline "Famille Gourmande" clearly identifies the familial character of the business and conveys a boutique feel.

Contemporary interior

The store is designed in order to showcase the array of products, from ice cream and sorbets to pastries and macaroons, as well as allowing efficient operations. The contemporary interior creates the perfect frame for these very French classics.