Shopping Promenade - Claye-Souilly & Strasbourg

The future of retail is here!

After the success of Arles, Frey has decided to continue its adventure with us by inaugurating two new Shopping Promenades. The first (45,000 sqm) lies just 30km from Paris on the edge of the Claye-Souilly forest, and the second (70,000 sqm) is located in the greater Strasbourg area.


  • Shopping Centres.


  • Retail Design,
  • Strategy,
  • Brand Design.


The aim is to offer an ever more enjoyable customer experience and journey, in line with the values of Shopping Promenade: welcoming, exciting, recreational, authentic, and much, much more. With a firm focus on nature and greenery, and art accessible to all.


A well-thought-out and carefully managed customer journey. From the design of the exteriors, entrances, squares and mall, to the furniture, signage, market areas, kiosks, play areas, flooring, fountains, lighting and the cladding of the façades. The atmosphere is welcoming, with something new to see on every visit thanks to the innumerable details and the clear focus on greenery and art, with artistic endeavours that are fun, surprising and sometimes monumental! The objective is clear: to surprise and impress visitors in a mall energised and enhanced with clever details, great and small.


Work on a mall almost 550 metres in length, for a total surface area of 46,000 sqm with one common theme: a Feel Good atmosphere! We designed every single one of the façades right up to the cinema.

A street art vibe

From the positive interactive messages stencilled on the ground to the large frescoes painted by Speedy Graphito, and street art murals perfect for instagram, the artistic atmosphere brightens up the customer journey all along the “streets".

Close to nature

With nearly 1,285 trees planted in the retail park, Frey is committed to making nature and greenery a focus in all its projects. There are also specific structures and plants aimed at protecting local biodiversity.

Creating connections

For an experience packed with excitement and fun, the large squares are identified by games or the addition of a striking feature. Restaurants are laid out around a 150-metre mirror of water, while the Place du Séquoia and the Place du Chêne are easy to spot with their impressive occupants. Throughout the customer journey, there are opportunities for relaxation and fun with food trucks, outdoor games, table football, a large carousel, an obstacle course and pétanque courts managed by the Social Club.


A project managed from start to finish on an area spanning 150 hectares - mission accomplished! A shopping experience suffused with clever details and local gestures to the delight of all visitors.

The bright side of life

Throughout this exceptional shopping event, the journey has been designed to impress its visitors with a colourful and lively experience. Shoppers can explore the creative use of furniture, before indulging in the food trucks' gastronomic fare, admiring the lovely views from the raised terraces of the Place des Restaurants, and possibly taking to the skies on the 50-metre-high Ferris wheel.

Alsace, champion of art

Like the other Shopping Promenades, there are the monumental frescoes by Speedy Graphito, but this location also puts local artists in the spotlight, and presents unusual objects like the three anamorphic hearts in a creative nod to the city of Strasbourg. The street art features typical Alsace expressions and a stork mascot that delivers funny little messages throughout the mall.

Celebrating biodiversity and local resources

In addition to the extensive natural greenery sourced from France, and the presence of water on the grounds, Shopping Promenade accommodates and protects biodiversity with beehives, insect totems and nesting boxes dotted along the walk. Shopping Promenade Cœur Alsace is a responsible site certified “BREEAM conception” with level "Very Good".

A covered market area includes furniture such as temporary bench planters designed to be moved to accommodate the trade of local produce.

"A corporate philosophy and a vision of retail shared over almost three years of intense collaboration. With efficiency, creativity and a remarkable sense of commitment, Minale Design Strategy has established itself as a trusted partner of the Frey Group." 

Antoine Frey - CEO of the Frey Group