Shopping Promenade

Gone Shopping! (A walk in the park)

With traditional commerce struggling more and more, how can we come up with an alternative for commercial real estate by combining the best of shopping centres and the best of retail parks? How can we attract the brands that usually stay away from retail parks, and how can we change consumer behaviour to turn planned purchases into impulse buys?


  • Shopping Centres.


  • Strategy,
  • Retail Design.
Shopping Promenade


Imagining, designing and delivering an ambitious customer experience. Offering a smooth customer journey, punctuated with interesting features in the generous shopping centre aisles. Bring new life to the architecture without distorting the concept.


The Arles Montmajour Shopping Promenade offers a more fluid customer journey and wide, generous aisles showcasing innovative design thanks to the mix of materials used.

From services to recreation, to art, plants and fountains, each additional element creates surprise along the way.

A dedicated customer journey

Minale Design Strategy has created a customer route punctuated by games and services, including a giant mikado with misting feature for cooling off in summer, a shared library, and a Social Club. The Social Club creates a special connection between customer and retailer, reinforcing the community feel.

A focus on food

The restaurant area is made up of three units positioned around a fun and friendly outdoor square. There's a play park that really stands out with its "skater boy" tower, a space to play molkky, and the creation of a pedestrian link with the Leclerc supermarket.

Going green

A substantial investment in plants/vegetation for additional comfort. Shopping Promenade Arles stands out from the crowd, going against the traditional aesthetics of classic retail parks.
The project is part of a local initiative, and the plants come from neighbouring nurseries.

Shopping Promenade
Shopping Promenade

Caring for the consumer

To successfully combine entertainment and comfort, two water points, smart relaxation areas, and seating have all been installed to enhance customer well-being. A warm and welcoming atmosphere is created using careful accessorisation, with fairy lights and other cosy features.

Art & History

Arles is a city of art, and Minale Design Strategy showcases this artistic heritage across the site.
Artists bring their works to life throughout the customer journey, with street art, murals and graphic design produced by Speedy Graphito and Braga.

The artist Mauro Corda has installed families of colourful metal meerkats for a fun take on art that's more accessible to all.

Another magnificent piece is "le ton monte", which adds beauty to the large square between the restaurants.

Shopping Promenade