Ubiquitous design.

The world is changing, and with digital tech at our fingertips the movement is gathering speed - we're becoming more impatient, and the quest for happiness has shifted focus to leisure. For some, this means active leisure pursuits such as sport, exercise and travel, but for others it simply means taking the time to take time. On this quest for unforgettable moments, access to a range of convenience products and everyday services at places like UBI becomes a universal priority, as we crave efficiency and quick solutions.


  • Specialised Retail.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


Press Shop's goal was to boost the attractiveness of its local offering, to ensure its longevity and build on what it does well. There's no doubt that people's needs and demands are changing, and now more than ever before, tomorrow's Press Shop needs to develop and tailor its offering to its consumer, with a focus on immediate inspiration and everyday efficiency.


To successfully hold its own in a dense environment, Press Shop is re-inventing itself with a new concept, UBI. This change in approach will bring the brand closer to its customers, replacing its descriptive tone with a more emotional one. Aside from the name, UBI - Press, Shop and More, this new, more practical and welcoming store concept is both versatile and efficient, meeting the basic needs and simple pleasures of everyday life.


PressShop is now launching "UBI - Press, Shop and More", a modern approach based on local networks run by teams of committed franchisees. UBI represents the roots and DNA of the brand, based on the original and umbrella brand, Ubiway Retail, but the focus is clearly on ubiquity, too. That amazing ability to be in two, three, ten places at the same time. Like our points of sale. Always there when it's needed, where it's needed. As short and sweet as it is, this quasi-interjection has something of an English feel. Ubi, You Be. Quite simply, an invitation to be yourself.

A new customer experience at the heart of our neighbourhoods

With this comprehensive offering, UBI becomes a retailer that successfully targets everyone's expectations and needs, while remaining as simple and efficient as possible to maximise shopping pleasure. UBI is now a more dynamic newsagent and bookshop, with a smoother and more enjoyable customer experience, allowing pleasure-seekers and busy passers-by alike to find what they need, at their own pace and in their own way, across a network of sales outlets ideally located near their place of residence, work or travel.

A versatile offering

With the focus firmly on the consumer, "UBI - Press, Shop and More" stays faithful to its role of expert in all things press, tobacco and lottery, and completes its offering with the “core” collection. A range which - in addition to its usual and extensive choice - includes a selection of snack and drinks products to meet the most frequent everyday needs. UBI is now increasingly comprehensive and fully in line with individuals' needs. What's more, by offering a wider range (especially in snacks, bread, ready meals and last-minute gifts), UBI wants its products and services to become even more anchored in Belgians' daily lives, becoming the go-to solution for everything from a little indulgence to a special treat.

A modular space

UBI's aim is to offer an innovative space, revolutionising the old style of small press shops, creating spaces that can adapt as products and services change. The UBI space is like a Swiss Army knife, designed to be flexible over time, in line with consumers' changing desires and needs. The UBI concept is based on the notions of efficiency, practicality and pleasure, with a better emphasis on the offering as a whole, and rapid implementation of this in an organised and adaptable space, on a level with the customer and their expectations.