Yogurt Factory

Bonne régalade.

A real classic story. Two young Frenchies looking to develop a trendy product straight from the US... a frozen yogurt to which you can add a large variety of toppings. The first shop they opened was in sunny Marseille, but quickly, they realized that they needed a concept to their story..that's when got involved.


  • Food & Drink.


  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design,
  • Packaging.


Yogurt Factory is a young brand talking to young people. They are situated in shopping centres where there are noisy visuals sprawling everywhere. We needed to produce something visible and draw attention to the product itself and the broad range of toppings available.


A luscious logo, one colour, a dot pattern and lots of fun at the point of sale... this was our own recipe to make this concept a success.

Anything but red!

What better colour for a frozen yogurt? Hot red creates the impact needed for these small format shops to stand out in their busy environments.

Dot dot, who's there?

The simple dot pattern adds sparkle and a festive atmosphere.