Breathing new life into the job market.

Actiris, the Brussels Regional Employment Agency, is getting a makeover! The Brussels-based organisation is adopting a new visual identity and reorganising its brand architecture, all with one goal in mind: making sure it has all the tools it needs to support and boost a changing job market.


  • Public Services.


  • Strategy,
  • Brand Architecture,
  • Brand Design.


The main objective of our assignment was to make Actiris services easier to access and navigate for job seekers and employers alike. It was also essential that we increase the brand's visibility and give it a more up-to-date look, on the heels of certain initiatives like "YES Actiris", while maintaining the fundamentals of the brand's graphic identity, like the logo, main colours and slogan.


The first decision we made was an obvious choice: to bring together Actiris and Select Actiris under a single brand, to reconnect job seekers and employers. Secondly, new rules were established to make Actiris's brand architecture (products, services, tools, etc.) more coherent and understandable. This work served as a basis for developing a new visual identity for the organisation and conveying its social vocation.

Strategic design to strengthen ties between job seekers and employers

Merging Actiris and Select Actiris into a single brand, with a single message. A brand aimed at both job seekers and employers. A brand that reconnects these two targets and serves as a springboard for them both.

Getting your career... in shape

The new Actiris visual identity is based on a series of shapes derived from the experience of job seekers and employers who use Actiris.

Inclusion through iconography and illustrations

The Actiris graphic identity is derived from an iconography and system of illustrations that reflect the unifying and inclusive character of the Brussels public interest group.

"The support provided by Minale Design Strategy has allowed us to pull together our various brands and sub-brands into a single brand that is stronger and more accessible for our customers and users. "

Marc Njeim, Head of External Communication chez Actiris.