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Beobank is a new and exciting retail bank born out of the Citibank Belgium organisation. It's a bank with a human touch, offering bespoke solutions and a user-friendly approach to deliver a brand promise that's all about optimism.


  • Finance.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Design,
  • Retail Design.


To create a new player in the retail financial market by delivering a credible, appropriate and innovative solution without becoming overly digitalised. Building a bank with a difference, where close interaction and relationships are key.


Our strategy is all about creating a strong brand and expressing the optimism in a positive customer experience, unique to Beobank. Building and arranging an open space with no physical barriers between the customer and their Beobank adviser. Creating a 'home-from-home', a disruptive alternative to traditional banking. Where usability is at the heart of professionalism, reflecting Beobank's reputation among its customers.


Led by a short and feminine consonance (Beo) to express the optimistic feel, followed by the generic term "bank", the name Beobank asserts itself as an unequivocal brand.

Clear branding

The use of bright colours and the unique combination of shades and tones confirm Beobank's position as a smart and reliable player. Thanks to a powerful use of typography, the O becomes an all-important hinge. Better still, the O becomes the emblem of the brand, a symbol of openness and connection with the outside.

Entrance area

Arrange the entrance area into an open space. The transparent interior design features bring an architectural reflection of Beobank's strategic positioning. Not unlike a shop interior, the varied flooring and use of brick walls in the space offer a home-from-home feel as soon as you walk in. Interior design that boosts brand status.

Beobank Pro

Beobank Pro brings a concrete and practical response to the specific needs of a business clientèle. These user-friendly, high-tech locations give customers a place to work, meet their suppliers, or attend training sessions in an atmosphere created exclusively for them.