Sudinfo, embracing the digital era.

Faced with the new and changing ways in which we consume information, the Sudpresse Group decided to strengthen its position as a vital media outlet. As the no. 1 player in Belgium's French-speaking press, Sudpresse now hopes to lead the way in digital information media, while promoting its historical achievements as a local and accessible brand.

In a rapidly changing market, Sudpresse not only faced an issue of brand strategy, but one of existing brands that, though well-known, were not meeting digital standards.

With information becoming digitalised at breakneck speed, major names in the press and media are being forced to completely rethink their approach to branding and identity. 


  • Media.


  • Strategy,
  • Naming,
  • Brand Architecture,
  • Brand Design,
  • Digital.


Creating a new, more modern and dynamic type of brand; one that can respond to the challenges of digitalisation while capitalising on the strengths of the various existing publications.

Developing brand strategy as a means of supporting the Group's growth through its digital transformation.

Breathing life into the brand's culture, to make sure employees realise that the Group's values and purpose must be the basis of all strategic thinking and operational decisions.

Positioning the Sudpresse Group as a media player in the broadest sense of the term; no longer focused solely on the written press.


Placing Sudinfo at the heart of brand strategy, as the new driver of the Group and its publications. Sudinfo thereby becomes a signature to indicate the various media outlets' membership in the Group. So they feed into a global strategy, while promoting local roots.

Sudinfo is a new generation of brand, redesigned to perfectly adapt to digital challenges. It is carefully configured to help structure the interfaces of all Group platforms, both in digital and print media.

Ultimately, this solution breaks with the conventions of the traditional written press using a global, strong, modern, digital and dynamic visual identity that goes well beyond a simple logo.

The Sudpresse Group becomes Sudmedia Group, a name change designed to embrace a wider scope of activities and align with a new reality.

À chaque instant au premier rang

Incarnated information.

To carry out our strategic design approach, it was essential to start by taking the time to think about the Group's positioning.

By basing our work on well-established roots, we were able to achieve a strong identity.

This helped to us to bring to light the purpose and philosophy of this popular, friendly, profoundly useful, ambitious and dynamic group: "Information epitomised".

A purpose that can also be summed in a powerful and evocative concept:

"Reader, writer... writer, reader. We are our readership".

À chaque instant au premier rang
À chaque instant au premier rang
À chaque instant au premier rang
À chaque instant au premier rang
À chaque instant au premier rang
À chaque instant au premier rang

New media, a new generation of brands.

We have created a dynamic logo structure, built around the Sudinfo brand.

Based on the principle of a logo block, the system can be tailored to the various themes addressed (local or national news, sports, etc.).

We have kept the historic blue and red combination, while giving the colours a much more vivid and contemporary tone.

Based on these new logos and visual identity, we have created a new generation of ultra-digital and mobile brands that break with all the traditional codes of written press.

Sudinfo, at the heart of the brand architecture.

The new brand architecture is the perfect embodiment of the Group's desire to be the no. 1 player in Belgium's French-speaking press, with a focus on a digital approach.

The overarching group level, Sudmedia Group, means the brands are no longer presented as a press group but as a media group.

Then the online/digital brands built on the roots of "Sudinfo" are rolled out in the different regions.

And finally there's the printed press, for which we have chosen to continue to capitalise on the longstanding strength of local publications (La Meuse, La Capitale, La Nouvelle Gazette, Nord Eclair, La Province).